LogicMonitor Portal Health Check

As LogicMonitor’s leading global partner for Professional Services, Panoramic Data can offer you a free LogicMonitor Portal health check.

Using ReportMagic, we assess and analyse your LogicMonitor portal and quickly provide you with a comprehensive report containing a series of recommendations when compared to best practices.

You will be able to see statistics, issues, errors and compliance information, recommendations for change where appropriate, and grade recommendations based upon severity criteria.

Our HealthCheck report:

  • Reviews your portal settings, focusing on security, reliability and best practice compliance
  • Includes information about Device and Collector health as well as entity grouping standards
  • Assesses your usage of LogicMonitor functionality
  • Provides you with wide ranging feedback on how your current portal is used and configured, so you can identify issues and quickly rectify them.
  • Benefits you by giving you a more successful and stress-free experience of the LogicMonitor product.

Request a LogicMonitor HealthCheck report