Our Processes

Panoramic Data provides simple solutions to complex problems. The engagement process that gets you to a solution contains these stages:

Requirements gathering

We convert your vision into a format understood by the whole solution development team – software developers, QA testers, support engineers and professional services engineers. In order for this entire audience to understand your requirements, we translate them into a solution design document.

Writing the solution design document

We try hard to capture specifications to a high level early on in the project. However, if needed, this document can be iterated during the project. The document is under change control and signed off by you.

In the document, each element of the design is summarized and linked to a corresponding ticket in our JIRA system, which means its development, testing and ultimately, deployment can be easily tracked.

Development and implementation

We then implement your solution against the specifications in the solution design document. We use a custom JIRA workflow, keeping it agile and working within the original scope to deliver you a quality solution to specification, on time and on budget.  We also use Toggl for precision in timekeeping when working on time-and-materials projects.

Our team of developers are committed to .NET Standard and .NET Core and use the standards-based C# language wherever possible. We use Visual Studio and prefer code first Entity Framework for O/R mapping and a variety of technologies for persistent storage, including SQL Server. Our all developers are LogicMonitor Certified Professionals.

Quality assurance

As the solution is prepared, our Q/A engineers work closely with the developers to ensure that unit, build, functional, regression and documentation tests are performed in a timely fashion, ensuring you get the highest quality end result.  Once internal Quality Assurance is completed to our satisfaction, it’s over to you for User Acceptance Testing.


Before, during and after development, we ensure that you have everything you need –  from designs, code and binaries to system documentation, online help and marketing materials.

Deployment and support

Finally, we hold your hand as you deploy the solution and if required, train or support you further.