AlertMagic removes unnecessary tickets and improves those that remain.

Once AlertMagic receives incoming alerts from your Alert Management System (for example, LogicMonitor), it uses configurable business logic to determine how to update your Incident Management System (ServiceNow, AutoTask, or Microsoft Dynamics 365). This can include suppression, incident creation/update, problem creation/update, associating incidents with problems, adding ticket comments and acknowledging alerts in your Alert Management System with the associated ticket number.

The system can even introduce a short delay (for example, 2 minutes) before checking whether upstream devices (for example, switches) are shown as offline in your Alert Management System. In this way, the number of “false positive” tickets can be greatly reduced.

An annual AlertMagic subscription is £7500 and includes:

  • Access to bugfixes and new features
  • (Optional) hosting in our Azure system
  • Ability to submit system feature requests
  • Up to 20 professional service hours, which may be used for:
    • System support
    • System configuration changes
    • Alert Management System (for example, LogicMonitor) configuration changes

If you choose for us to host in our Azure system:

  • System access ceases once you are no longer covered by a subscription
  • PDL is responsible for system availability

If you choose to host in your own Azure system:

  • All in-flight data stays within your Azure domain
  • You have a perpetual right to use, even after your subscription has expired
  • PDL holds no responsibility for system availability

Please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.