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ReportMagic’s LogicMonitor HealthCheck is live

Panoramic Data are pleased to announce the General Availability of our LogicMonitor HealthCheck!

6 months in the making, and with 150+ individual checks using 100,000+ automated actions, this comprehensive report presents a series of recommendations against best practices.  See statistics, issues, errors and compliance information, and prioritized recommendations for change.

Our HealthCheck report:

  • Reviews your LogicMonitor portal settings, focusing on security, reliability and best practice compliance
  • Includes information about Device and Collector health, as well as entity grouping standards
  • Assesses your usage of LogicMonitor functionality
  • Provides you with wide-ranging feedback identifying issues and suggested remedies
  • Benefits you by giving you a more successful and stress-free experience of the LogicMonitor product
  • Includes a comprehensive, interactive Device and Alert Analytics spreadsheet
  • Uses “Heatmaps” to draw the eye into each actionable recommendation, allowing the reader to skip over purely informational items

See here for more details and to request a report.