Included Hours

A ReportMagic subscription comes with either 50 or 100 included Professional Services hours.

What Can I Use These Hours For?

There is no limitation on how you can use these hours. We offer a bespoke service to ensure you get the results you require – whether that means developing your report templates, training your staff in template design, or consultation work around setting up your data sources most effectively.

Typically, customers come to us with a report specification, we advise on it, and in a series of weekly meetings, further clarify what is required and produce report iterations for review.

The hours needed for a first report template will depend on complexity and we will advise you.

After a report template is “complete”, changes may be required because, for example, you have restructured your LogicMonitor estate. Those alterations would be chargeable and carried out with your agreement.

Hours purchased as part of a subscription cannot be rolled over into a new subscription year. Additional hours can be purchased at any time for ongoing report template development and maintenance, training etc. and these do not expire.  

What’s Free?

When a report goes live, Operations look after that version, ensuring you obtain quality output each month and notifying you of any issues.  There is no charge for this.

Additionally, we pride ourselves on being quick to adapt our product. If you suggest new functionality that we agree is of use to our wider customer base, we will add those features to our roadmap and implement at no cost to you.