Run a LogicMonitor Health Check

To gain detailed insight into the health of your LogicMonitor portal, you (or we) can run the comprehensive LogicMonitor Health Check report from the ReportMagic library. To do this:

  1. Sign up to a free ReportMagic account using your business Microsoft Sign In account here.
  2. Wait for account approval, check your email, then log in to ReportMagic.
  3. Use the Help to set up your connection to LogicMonitor.
  4. Use the Help to set up and save a Schedule with these options:
    • Destination: File
    • Input Folder: /Library/LogicMonitor/HealthCheck/
    • Form HTML File: /Library/LogicMonitor/HealthCheck/Forms/LogicMonitor HealthCheck.html
  5. Next to the Schedule, click Run.
  6. In the form that appears type the name of the Connection you created, for example “LogicMonitor”, and your email address, then click Submit.
    Depending on the size and complexity, the report will take between 15 minutes and 2 hours to generate; this speed is limited by LogicMonitor’s API.
  7. You can now do one of the following:
    • Watch the report generate. You can also click on individual macros to see what each result is.
    • Close the browser. The final report will be emailed to you when it is ready.
    • When the report is ready, view both the input template and the completed report (output) in the Files area from where you can right-click and download the files if required.