LogicMonitor Fully-Managed Service

Panoramic Data are able to fully manage your LogicMonitor system.  This service can include:

  • A full concierge service – just email us your requirements
  • Access to ReportMagic Enterprise, providing unlimited, branded reporting
  • Managed integration with your incident management system including alert correlation and de-duplication, problem detection and support for all common systems (AutoTask, ServiceNow, Jira, ZenDesk etc.)
  • Automated weekly Alert Analytics reports to identify problem customers, devices and other CIs
  • Monthly Alert Analytics workshops to advise you on where to direct effort to reduce tickets
  • Monthly, tailored LogicMonitor HealthCheck reports
  • LogicModule updates so you’re kept up-to-date with LogicMonitor’s DataSources at a frequency of at least monthly
  • LogicModule development including:
    • DataSources
    • ConfigSources
    • EventSources
    • PropertySources
    • AppliesToFunctions
  • Additional ReportMagic report development (for example, for internal use)
  • Device import
  • Full CMDB integration, and ongoing maintenance
  • Full conversion of your portal to use best practices throughout, to include:
    • Setup and maintenance of Dynamic Device Groups throughout
    • Automated customer dashboard generation
    • Users and Roles – full security audit and ongoing management
    • Alert Rules and Escalation Chain management
    • Application of our additional, custom LogicModules
    • Device configuration policy management with ConfigChecks (including automated remediation for some devices)

To learn more, please contact us!