LogicMonitor Professional Services

Lower costs, guaranteed results

We will deliver a high quality solution to specification, on time and on budget.  Who else can offer the following?:

  • We have been working with LogicMonitor since 2011
  • All our technical staff hold either the the LogicMonitor Certified Expert (LMCE) or LogicMonitor Certified Professional (LMCP) certification
  • Our professional service rates start at $950 per day
  • If a project comes in under budget, you are only charged for the hours used
  • If a project comes in over budget, you are only charged the quoted amount
  • If a professional services solution does not meet the agreed specification, you are not charged at all
  • We developed the LogicMonitor.Api nuget package and have a deep understanding of the LogicMonitor REST API
  • We have successfully completed dozens of LogicMonitor projects
  • As LogicMonitor’s largest global partner for Professional Services, you can be assured of a successful outcome, whatever your project


For all our projects, we:

  • Translate your vision into a detailed Statement of Work (SoW) so the whole team can access and appreciate your requirements
  • Track each element of the design in our custom JIRA system from development through to testing and deployment
  • Deliver you a quality solution to specification, on time and on budget
  • Run a comprehensive HealthCheck report on your portal as part of any engagement, with over 250 checkpoints

System Integration

With our new ConnectMagic capability, we can automatically synchronise LogicMonitor with:

  • ServiceNow
  • AutoTask
  • SQL Server
  • …and many, many more.

Talk to us about your system integration requirements today.  We guarantee that choosing Panoramic Data will provide the lowest total cost of ownership against any comparable solution.


We can also help you study for the LogicMonitor Certified Professional and LogicMonitor Certified Expert courses and offer guidance and tutoring with the pre-course materials for the LogicMonitor Certified Professional course.

We’d love to hear from you how we can help: