Meraki DataMagic

With Meraki DataMagic, you:

  • Gain access to the data locked behind your SaaS APIs
  • See ALL your Meraki data over multiple organizations without logging in and out
  • View your estate in a dynamic tree view
  • Traverse the entire configuration history of a device by dragging across a timeline, and adjust effortlessly to stay ahead of potential issues
  • Filter quickly and easily with powerful SQL, querying thousands of entries in seconds

Meraki DataMagic:

  • Provides a database of Meraki data extracted, safeguarded and stored securely including:
      • Configuration Templates
      • API dashboards
      • Associated floor plans
      • Network events
  • Collects read-only via Odata (REST)
  • C# access via MIT licensed Nuget package
  • Supports the following database technologies:
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • Postgres
    • MySQL

Read more and try for free here, find us on Meraki Marketplace or contact us for further information.