• Do you want to free up your skilled people for more mission-critical projects?
  • Do you want to more easily meet your SLA targets?
  • Do you want to make LogicMonitor really work for you?
  • ReportMagic is the connection between the systems you already have.

We wrote ReportMagic, a cloud-based SaaS reporting system, so you can have automatically-generated, pixel-perfect, branded reports from the data you have in SQL Server, LogicMonitor, Cisco SmartNET, SalesForce, AutoTask, ServiceNow and many more including your own custom systems.  We hold no data ourselves – instead, we fetch it from your systems at the time it’s needed. Try it for free.

What can ReportMagic do for you?

Make your data beautiful

  • Generate free, pixel-perfect, branded reports from your cloud and on-site systems using our ReportMagic software.
  • Quickly convert raw cloud and on-site data into intuitive, visual reports, collecting and collating data from LogicMonitor, ServiceNow, Twilio, Jira, SQL Server, Docker, ZenDesk and many more.
  • Generate analytical reports at times you’ve scheduled.
  • Automatically email you or your customers with PDF, HTML, DOCX and XLSX reports containing graphs and tables that clearly highlight their most crucial issues.

Help you test and refine reports

You can test and fine-tune your own reports in Report Studio, an integrated development environment which will show you your macros and the output side by side, enabling you to check things before generating finished reports for your team and customers.


Display easy-to-read dashboards

Get clear real-time visualisations of network analytic data using dashboards with custom-built widgets.

Try it for free

Try it for free and produce a PDF report.


Subscribe so you can produce not just PDFs but also fully-editable reports as Docx, HTML and XLS spreadsheet output if you love diving into the detail.

Subscription pricing is in bundles of reports per month – full details are shown on the Pricing page.

And we will develop your first branded report for free. Contact us to discuss your requirements.