ReportMagic – Make Happy Customers with Report Automation

ReportMagic is a report automation tool, that reduces manual effort in creating executive or customer reports.  Drawing data directly from your SaaS or on-premise toolchain, and combining with your own custom branding, you can new deliver pixel-perfect reports directly to the people that need them automatically.

Creating beautiful reports directly from your ITOM Toolchain

ReportMagic Architecture showing LogicMonitor, ITSM tools as input, and a range of report formats as output

Finding Real Value in Report Automation


Hours saved per month by one customer


Monthly billing reports generated by an MSP


Cost to get started with community support

How does Report Automation work?

Building IT Operations services on standard toolchains leaves data locked in silos. This leaves you dependent on the UI of your standard tooling to provide the insights you need.  Or alternatively, you may be left writing a ton of bespoke Python to pull the data out of APIs or SQL databases.

ReportMagic solves these issues with a set of standard Macros that interrogate your ITOM toolchain.  By combining this data with your own bespoke brand pack, reports can be generated reliably on a schedule, and delivered wherever you want them to go.

ReportMagic is a SaaS service.  It provides a range of pre-built templates to help ease adoption.  Panoramic Data also provides flexible services to assist with report writing, should that be needed.

Watch: an Introduction to ReportMagic

Get Started Today!

Getting started with ReportMagic couldn’t be simpler.  Simply hit the ‘Try for Free’ button below to get a free account.  The Free tier allows easy access to the tool.  And with simple, scalable pricing – you can be sure there are no nasty surprises waiting for you.

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