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Unlimited PDF Reports
LogicMonitor HealthCheck
Report Scheduling
Report Studio Authoring Tools
DOCX, HTML and XLSX output formats
Free Certification
Web/E-mail Support
Unlimited Reports*
Phone-based Support **
PriceNo Charge£30/reportContact Sales
* fair use limitations apply
** UK business hours


ConnectMagic is licensed per synchronised Data Set. A Data Set is a group of entities such as users, devices etc, kept in sync between two endpoints.

ConnectMagic FreeConnectMagic ProConnectMagic Enterprise
Number of Data Sets2price per additional datasetunlimited
PriceNo Charge£440/monthContact Sales


AlertMagic is licensed by the number of output alerts, after de-duplication.
Typical de-duplication ratio 96%.

AlertMagic FreeAlertMagic ProAlertMagic Enterprise
Number of Output Alerts10/dayprice per consolidated alertunlimited
PriceNo Charge£2/alertContact Sales

Meraki DataMagic

Meraki DataMagic FreeMeraki DataMagic ProMeraki DataMagic Enterprise
Device Count100 devicesprice per deviceunlimited
PriceNo Charge£1.50/monthContact Sales