• Distils multiple alerts into single incidents
  • Reduces the noise in your ticketing system by removing unnecessary tickets and improving those that remain
  • Correctly translates alerts into Incidents, with each new alert being checked against existing Incidents before a new one is created
  • Assigns each Incident to the correct work queue
  • As alert updates/clears occur, adds notes to open Incidents
  • Formats all Incident, Problem and Note fields as required
  • Augments and enhances raw alert data, based on configurable business logic
  • Attributes the current customer / CI / incident type / priority etc.
  • Can execute automatic diagnostics during incident creation / update, saving (system-dependent)
  • Can perform other automatic actions where appropriate, including device firmware updates, interface resets, device resets, software updates etc. (system-dependent)

Receiving incoming alerts from your Alert Management System (for example, LogicMonitor), AlertMagic uses configurable business logic to determine how to update your Incident Management System (ServiceNow, AutoTask, Jira or Microsoft Dynamics 365). This can include suppression, incident creation/update, problem creation/update, associating incidents with problems, adding ticket comments and acknowledging alerts in your Alert Management System with the associated ticket number.


AlertMagic supports:

  • All Alert Management Systems which trigger a webhook to send alert details
  • These Issue Management Systems:
    • Autotask
    • Microsoft Dynamics 365
    • Jira
    • ServiceNow
      and coming soon, FreshService

The system can even introduce a delay before checking whether upstream devices (for example, switches) are shown as offline in your Alert Management System. In this way, the number of “false positive” tickets can be greatly reduced.


An annual AlertMagic subscription is £8625 (USD and EUR invoicing also available) and includes:

  • Access to bugfixes, new features and updates
  • Ability to submit feature requests
  • 20 Professional Service hours, for minimum system support, system configuration changes or Alert Management System configuration changes
  • Further Professional Services charged at our current hourly rate + VAT
  • Choice of hosting options, as below

Hosting Options

Using Our Azure Instance

An SaaS subscription in our Production Azure instance includes:

  • AlertMagic fully configured for you
  • Automatic system updates with active subscription
  • On termination of the subscription, the service will cease to function
  • PDL is responsible for system availability

Fair use limits apply – if more than 100,000 alert notifications are processed in any given day, PDL reserves the right to invoice for an additional daily fee of £50 per up-to-100,000 alert notifications.

Using Your Own Azure Instance

On-site subscription for use in your own Azure instance includes:

  • AlertMagic fully configured for you
  • Automatic system updates with active subscription 
  • All in-flight data stays within your Azure domain
  • PDL holds no responsibility for system availability
  • Perpetual right to use, even after subscription expiry, but with no further software updates

To discuss your requirements, please contact us by:

and we’ll be happy to help.