Your IT Operations relies on accurate configuration data.  Yet with so many systems, relying on point-to-point integrations is complex, and introduces a ton of inconsistencies.ConnectMagic integrates and syncs diverse sources of data – both cloud and on-site systems – to ensure seamless consolidation, consistency and optimization of your information so you can rely on it.

Keep your Customer Data Synchronised with ConnectMagic

ConnectMagic keeping data synchronised

What you need to know


8 multi-directional integrations, and growing. 

Our integration set is easy to create – contact us with your requirements!


We license the product by ‘Datasets’ that are being sychronised, but the first 2 Datasets are free .. for life.

Take advantage of our free tier today!

8 hours

Time to deploy and create initial configuration.  Synchronisation can start within just 1 day!

How ConnectMagic Works

ConnectMagic provides two-way sync between any number of systems.  It does not act as a central repository, instead federating data around your systems. Each object’s existence is determined by one “main” system, so:

  • If an object appears or is deleted in the main system, ConnectMagic will update downstream systems accordingly
  • If an object is deleted in a downstream system, ConnectMagic will recreate it in the downstream system
  • And if an object appears in the downstream system, ConnectMagic will remove it

Though object creation and deletion is determined by one system, each individual CI field can originate in any system of your choice, or even from multiple systems.  Fields can easily be combined and split using any business logic you can specify, so information mastered in one field in one system can be combined with other fields from a second system, finally ending up in multiple fields in third and fourth systems. 

All this means that your data is automatically and correctly mapped across all your systems.

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