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MSPs deserve better service outcomes and enhanced productivity.

Use your data powerfully to give the customer greater insight. Eradicate the grind of handling alerts and incidents. Sync disparate systems to fix inconsistencies. Optimise, empower and free up your ITSM teams.

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Beautiful Automated Reports

Elevate and automate your customer QBRs, prove your adherence to SLAs or get impactful executive review documents – branded, highly customized, in your preferred format and consolidating data from all your systems in the same report.

Using a template or starting from scratch with the powerful scripting engine, bring in data from your integrated toolsets, such as ServiceNow and LogicMonitor.

Do it your way, with ReportMagic.

Better Observability and Analytics for Cisco Meraki

Unlock the power of the Meraki API for frictionless monitoring and optimization. View all your data from multiple Meraki organizations in one place. Get started in minutes, with a single API key.

Meraki systems were designed to be this easy. Valuable insights mean smarter, data-driven decisions for you and your customers.

Lower cost Meraki Management

Observability and Alerts

Calibration and Optimization

Configuration Backup

Meraki DataMagic is a SaaS platform. Get started in minutes with one API key, no credit card needed. Try DataMagic today.

Increased Team Productivity with Workflow Automation

Building connections and automating tedious manual tasks for a huge ROI, we unlock the potential that lies inside your toolchain.

Reducing a cascade of infrastructure alerts caused by one single incident to a mere trickle, with AlertMagic deployed, engineers can focus on engineering, not administration.

We help you focus on the customer

Gain access to the data locked behind your APIs

Deliver productivity and gain the insights you need to grow and be more successful. Questions?