Panoramic Data provides simple solutions to complex problems. Our production software:

  • Monitors 4G (LTE) network performance
  • Processes data from live sporting events
  • Manages and reports on your IT Infrastructure

Management Systems

Our management processes including a proprietary development Jira workflow which helps us deliver software to specification, on time, on budget and to the highest quality. The Atlassian suite of development products forms the core of our own processes and enables agile development.  We also use Toggl for precision in timekeeping when working on time-and-materials projects.


Our team of developers are committed to .NET Standard and .NET Core and use the standards-based C# language wherever possible.  We use Visual Studio and prefer code first Entity Framework for O/R mapping and a variety of technologies for persistent storage, including SQL Server. Our all developers are LogicMonitor Certified Professionals.

Quality Assurance

Our Q/A engineers work closely with the developers to ensure that unit, build, functional, regression and documentation tests are performed in a timely fashion, ensuring your software has the highest quality end result.

Documentation and Support

Before, during and after development, we ensure that you have everything you need, from designs, code and binaries to system documentation, online help and marketing materials.

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