The LogicMonitor Healthcheck

LogicMonitor can be simple to deploy but complex to configure; and over time, complexities multiply. 

Our LogicMonitor HealthCheck will indicate where your portal deviates from best practices and giving you a comprehensive clear report showing you where to focus.

Get the insights you need to ensure your LogicMonitor deployment is in good shape.  Are your collectors configured correctly?  Are your LogicModules up-to-date?

Get your free report today.  All we require is your LogicMonitor API key, and we’ll use ReportMagic to generate your report.  No catch.  Get it done today!

How the LogicMonitor Healthcheck works

ReportMagic assesses and analyses your portal and generates a detailed report containing statistics, issues, errors and recommendations graded upon severity criteria. This report can be auto-emailed to you.

The Free Report Provides:

      • Wide ranging feedback on how your current portal is used and configured, so you can identify issues and quickly rectify them.
      • Portal settings, focusing on security, reliability and best practice
      • Device and Collector health, as well as entity grouping standards
      • Assessment of your usage
      • A pathway to a more successful and stress-free experience of the LogicMonitor product
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