Managed Observability

Create an observability platform that empowers your business.  Focus more on the business outcomes, and less on the mechanics of maintaining a capability.  Our managed observability service augments your team with a made-to-measure practice that draws on world-class software and equally importantly decades of experience.

Observability is more than about just being aware of the state of IT infrastructure.  When integrated into business workflows, it can empower data-driven decisions and further enhance communication between silos, executives and customers.  Furthermore, if done poorly, service teams can drown in irrelevant data, irrelevant and duplicate alerts, incomplete and un-actionable information.  

Panoramic Data solves these problems for clients with a made-to-measure services that are built on best-in-class observability platforms, together with the right automations and expertise to leverage the data and insights.  Our customers enjoy lower cost observability, additionally with improved business productivity, better customer satisfaction and improved executive insights to boost observability.

Customer Scenarios

Struggling with Staff Retention?

One customer, facing the thorny issue of losing key talent from their observability practice, turned to Panoramic Data.  With our support, not only could they have the continuity of support for their business, but also they can empower individual teams to be able to leverage observability data within their workflows.

Refreshing your Observability Platform?

One customer, moving away from a very splintered monitoring deployment, decided to deploy a centralised observability practice to bring efficiency gains and standardisation.  Panoramic Data were called to help deploy and integrate, bringing best practice in from day 1, and also delivering those key early wins.

Make your Business Case

Observability Options


Tasked with installation, maintenance and important updates.  This is the groundwork you’ll depend on in your business – the ability to detect when things go wrong, and additonally what causes them.


Going beyond the basics, integrating observability data into essential workflows and business processes. Empowering your teams with the right information at the right times, whilst also gaining customer and executive reports and insights.


Taking ownership of observability outcomes, reducing operating costs through increased efficiency and team productivity, and furthermore reducing the cost of SaaS licensing through intelligent data acquisition.

Licensing and Software

WThere is no ‘best tool’ for Observability but there is a best tool for your purpose.  With the market providing a wealth of options, we recognise that each vendor has strengths and weaknesses but our expert advisors can navigate the complexity. They can help you select the right observability platform and architecture that meet your needs.  So whether you’re dealing heavily with networks, cloud, hybrid environments, applications, customer experience, Kubernetes, or end-user devices we are there to help.

Bring Your Own Licence
Negotiate directly with vendors, or follow your preferred sourcing strategy to acquire and manage your own software licences.  We will implement and manage post-purchase. This then means we can help in reducing the cost of ownership and also provide our expertise as a standalone service wrap.
Bundled Licence
Panoramic Data provide a fully managed outcome, including the provision of software licences, which also reduces the complexity of the supply chain.  We often find that this provides better cost-benefit to customers, as we are able to combine several software platforms (including DataMagic for Meraki) into a single architecture. 

The Benefits

Create an Observability Superpower

Turn observability into a superpower! Not just with expertise, but by including world-class automations and integrations into key workflows

Made-to-Measure Service

Don't be limited by the hours in a week! Our fractional services start from zero and scale with your business. You could even build a hybrid model, where our team's expertise is drawn to augment your full-time staff.

Lower Cost of Ownership

Our expertise doesn't stop at delivering great outcomes! We also act as your trusted advisor, lowering the overall cost of SaaS tooling, and also drawing together best-of-breed alternatives.

Improved Service Performance

By identifying and addressing performance issues before they impact your users, manged observability can improve overall service performance and additionally the user experience.

Build your Business Case

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