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MagicSuite is a set of powerful products that help automate important workflows in IT Operations, including customer and executive reporting, alert to incident management, configuration data synchronisation, and observability workflows.  

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ReportMagic is our trusted flagship Reporting as a Service product. Get branded customer reporting customized for you by our Professional Services team, or make and run your own report templates.

Intuitive, readable reports showing the data from Microsoft Dynamics, SQL Server, LogicMonitor, Cisco SmartNET, SalesForce, AutoTask, ServiceNow and many more including your own custom systems, in one place. No more cutting and pasting!

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Meraki DataMagic uses an intuitive user interface, built-in Data Mart and powerful SQL querying capabilities to make it easy to access the Meraki API, extract data and load it into a secure database.

See your data in one place – without logging in and out of different organizations, clearly in an organized and comprehensive dynamic tree view. Simple and innovative device management lets you travel through a device’s entire configuration history, by dragging a bar across a timeline, so tracking and reviewing adjustments is a breeze.

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AlertMagic provides a scalable, intelligent alert conditioning, de-duplication and suppression service to reduce the noise so you can focus. Too many incidents being generated? AlertMagic integrates with your incident management systems and can create, suppress and associate incidents and problems according to customized logic, leaving you with a meaningful and manageable ticket list.

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ConnectMagic provides continuous, two-way sync between any number of cloud and on-site systems to fix inconsistencies across your many systems – AutoTask, ServiceNow, LogicMonitor and more. Syncs any-and-all classes of information present and can operate in Dry Run mode to provide you with a list of missing items and duplicates, and the actions it would take to resolve these issues.

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When you’re without a monitoring system, we provide a fully managed LogicMonitor service, deploying and managing your networks, cloud, servers, and more to best practices and freeing your team for other things. In a scalable, per resource/website subscription fee that includes all operations and maintenance costs, SenseMagic provides full config backup and version history in a Github repository, staff training, customized dashboards and ongoing adherence to best practices.

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ProMagic is Professional Services for all sorts of solutions, including custom software development, training, reporting. What innovation would you like? We can help you create custom software tools with the features you require, specify your most useful reports, impart our extensive experience in online or in person training courses, or offer you a full concierge service for LogicMonitor.

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Need help developing a bespoke experience for your customers?  Over the years Panoramic Data has developed world-leading expertise in the LogicMonitor and Meraki APIs – underpinned by our open source Nuget repository.

So, if you’re looking for a customer portal, bespoke LogicModules, leveraging the programmability of the Meraki platform – reach out and see if we can help!

A Powerful Set of Tools for MSPs

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