Meraki DataMagic

The Meraki programmable platform can be a huge potential benefit to your business … but are you taking advantage of it?

Build automation and insights with Meraki DataMagic – built on market-leading know-how – to cost-effectively build out cost-efficient Meraki services.

With just one Meraki API key – easily build insights to power your business


One customer eliminated 100% of their DHCP conflicts


Number of seconds it takes to get started.  Just bring your Meraki API key!


Cost to get started – with community support.  

100 devices included in the free tier, for life!

More DataMagic for Meraki Information

Meraki DataMagic extracts data from the complex set of Meraki APIs, plus integrates with webhooks for alerting, and provides an observability and analytics engine for you to create MSP service wraps.

With a user-friendly web UI, you can quickly perform powerful queries against thousands of entries within seconds, allowing you to make data driven decisions faster than ever before.

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