Meraki Monitoring made easy

Monitoring Meraki operations has never been easier.  Unlock the data hidden behind the portal – get started in minutes!

Easier Meraki insights with DataMagic

The Meraki programmable platform can be a huge potential benefit to your business … but are you taking advantage of it?

Build automation and insights with Meraki DataMagic – built on market-leading know-how – to cost-effectively build out cost-efficient Meraki services.

Build Meraki capability with our API expertise

Take advantage of Meraki programmability with our services

Asset Lifecycle Management

Be prepared for your next wave of network refresh, with a simple intuitive end-of-life / end-of-service report, that covers your whole estate.

In minutes, plan your whole Meraki refresh budget for the next fiscal period.

Estate Optimization

Adjust and calibrate coverage, power, and other settings according to demand. Help your customers meet their ESG Sustainability goals and reduce costs by using their kit more efficiently. 

Unleash service innovation using the power of the Meraki API!

Automate Configuration and Backup

With business-critical services depending on your network, a safety net is crucial. Travel through a device’s history, quickly identify unsupported devices and get automated backups with Meraki DataMagic.

Some of our Customer Successes with the Meraki API

A global brand managing a distributed Meraki estate across its forecourts, as part of its connected car strategy needed to reduce spend on expensive infrastructure observability tools. Our solution has proved cost-effective and supports an effective incident management process.

Suffering over a week of downtime due to broken network configuration, an international retailer now safeguards against such risks with a configuration backup and restore process; powered by the Meraki API.

Working with a partner, we supported a regional authority worried about managing their carbon footprint.  By leveraging the Meraki API, with our support, they are now able to schedule power-saving mode across its estate, decreasing emissions and saving money

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