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ReportMagic’s LogicMonitor HealthCheck is live

Panoramic Data are pleased to announce the General Availability of our LogicMonitor HealthCheck!

6 months in the making, and with 150+ individual checks using 100,000+ automated actions, this comprehensive report presents a series of recommendations against best practices.  See statistics, issues, errors and compliance information, and prioritized recommendations for change.

Our HealthCheck report:

  • Reviews your LogicMonitor portal settings, focusing on security, reliability and best practice compliance
  • Includes information about Device and Collector health, as well as entity grouping standards
  • Assesses your usage of LogicMonitor functionality
  • Provides you with wide-ranging feedback identifying issues and suggested remedies
  • Benefits you by giving you a more successful and stress-free experience of the LogicMonitor product
  • Includes a comprehensive, interactive Device and Alert Analytics spreadsheet
  • Uses “Heatmaps” to draw the eye into each actionable recommendation, allowing the reader to skip over purely informational items

See here for more details and to request a report.

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Cisco End of Life and End of Support reports

With Version 2.9.19 and above of ReportMagic, you can create FREE Cisco End of Life and End of Support reports.

That’s because we now include Cisco Serial Number macros.

All you need to do is:

  • Add a connection to your Cisco API (set this up from the Admin/Connections page)
  • Ask us for a FREE Cisco Serial numbers report template via the Feedback button
  • Generate your branded Cisco End of Life report