Expertise in Meraki API

Meraki’s incredible growth rate continues to shine for Cisco.  

As more businesses shift towards subscription-based services, the winning combination of Meraki’s cloud-based management is fostering a new wave of flexible services for customers and service providers. All this, underpinned by a set of powerful APIs. We are beginning to see a new wave of solutions that take advantage of this programmability, to support a range of solutions including:

  • observability
  • analytics and insights
  • rapid onboarding
  • dynamic reconfiguration

 Tactical Solutions vs Strategic Toolchains

As with any API, using custom python scripts to automate key processes may solve short-term tactical problems.  However, we must be wary of over-reliance on bespoke scripts to solve key business process challenges.  First is the challenge of maintenance, and in retaining the key technical talent who created the scripts in the first place.  Second is the idea of unaccounted cases, where business processes must be expected to perform with continuity and resilience.  Third is the question of innovation and continual improvement.  

Building strategic toolchains around programmable platforms needs to support scalability and growth.  Having a strategic partner like Panoramic Data – who have built that excellence in the Meraki API – and engineering products that meet customer requirements – allows you to invest in the Meraki platform in a more robust and resilient way.

Using Meraki API for Observability, Data and Analytics

There are a ton of solutions for observability, data and analytics – and Meraki systems must be expected to slot in seamlessly.  However, be aware that can come with a cost – in terms of investment, and also efficiency.  Having an over-riding observability strategy doesn’t mean that intermediary systems can’t resolve these problems, bring down the overall cost and increase efficiency.  This is where we have developed the Meraki DataMagic system – to act as a specialist observability and analytics platform, and be able to integrate and feed into the observability platform of choice.  So if your observability tool is missing key features, introduces artificial latency in incident or problem management processes, or is wildly expensive for the benefit it delivers – then Meraki DataMagic can offer the choice and the competition to help you succeed.


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