Training and Certification


We can provide training on our own products as well as LogicMonitor training. If you require training for another system, get in contact with us to see if we can help.

Upon request, we can create tailored online workshops which can assist in answer questions, accessing certifications, and to help you achieve your reporting goals in Magic Suite Products and/or LogicMonitor.
We can develop and deliver a course either in-person, online, or a hybrid, helping you with individual challenges and goals including:

      • Knowledge Transfer: Convey our extensive industry experience and knowledge using relevant and engaging content
      • Customized Workshops: Tailored training sessions to address your specific needs
      • Technical Skill Development: Programs focused on enhancing technical expertise in various domains, including IT, engineering, etc.

See below the examples of training plans we have created in the past, this can be a format you follow or we can tailor to your exact needs.

  1. You provide the number of attendees required
  2. We provide a quote
  3. You provide emails of attendees 
  4. Initial Online Training (2 hours)  
  5. Attendees self-certify in own time, achieving ReportMagic Professional Certification
  6. Authoring Online Training (2 hours)  – Attendees are required to have:
    • Achieved ReportMagic Professional Certification
    • Software development experience / qualification 
  7. Attendees self-certify and achieve ReportMagic Author Certification
  1. You provide the number of attendees required
  2. We provide a quote
  3. You provide emails of attendees 
  4. Initial Online Training (3 hours)  
  5. Individual/small group system investigation time (1 hour)  
  6. Further Online Training including Q&A and further/specific demos for issues found during the Individual Investigation Time (3 hours)
  1. You provide the number of attendees required
  2. We provide a quote
  3. You provide emails of attendees 
  4. Online training consisting of:
      • Getting Started
        • Introduction to the Architecture 
        • Walkthrough of the User Interface
      • Collectors – types and tasks
      • Resources and Groups
      • Websites
      • Dashboards
      • Alerts
      • Users and Roles
      • Best Practices
      • LogicModules 
Please contact us for further information regarding training and to help you get set up with a training course which suits your needs.


We have a selection of certifications which are ever expanding.

We currently offer certifications on ReportMagic. Which range from beginner certifications all the way to expert certifications.

Please see below for details of current and planned certifications

ReportMagic Professional

For a basic overview of ReportMagic, this initial certification is right for you and your team. It is reccomended you take this Certification before any following.

This certification covers general usage of Report Magic, using files and folders, basic Report Studio usage, and creating and running Schedules.

ReportMagic Adminstrator

This certification is reccomended if you are a ReportMagic administrator for your company.  It builds on the knowledge and skills in the ReportMagic Professional certification.

This certification covers User Managerment, Role Based Access Control, API tokens, various Connections, the Tenant Admin menu, creating in-depth feedback, and creating and using Macro Defaults.

Release due late 2024

ReportMagic Author

This certification progresses from the knowledge and skills learnt from previous certifications and is perfect if you write (or want to write) ReportMagic templates.

This certification covers Developing RM Script, Creating DOCX Templates, and using various more complex (and useful) macros.

Certifications coming ...

A non-exhaustive list of planned certifications include:

    • ReportMagic LogicMonitor Author
    • AlertMagic Professional
    • AlertMagic Administrator
    • NCalc Certified Professional

Please do contact us if any of these are of interest to you, or if you have an idea for a certification which you would like to take!

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