Our Software Team

Successfully deliver against your requirements, budget and timescales by outsourcing your development team to us. Our custom software team:

  • Listen to your requirements
  • Develop and maintain custom software according to your specifications and requirements, using the latest agile methodologies
  • Create a system design with feature prioritisation
  • Track development, testing and deployment of features
  • Provide iterative prototypes against an agreed plan
  • Support your system in Production for an agreed duration (for example, your Magic Suite subscription period) which may include:
    • Daily on-site backups
    • Weekly off-site disaster recovery backups
    • Further system development

We are committed to .NET Standard and .NET Core and use the standards-based C# language wherever possible. We use Visual Studio and prefer code first Entity Framework for O/R mapping and a variety of technologies for persistent storage, including SQL Server.

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