Report Development

If you are a ReportMagic or Magic Suite subscriber, you can use included Professional Services (ProMagic) to develop professional, automated and readable reports for your customers using data from multiple systems into one readable report.

  • Stop cutting and pasting from disparate systems
  • Free your staff for more critical projects
  • Show that SLA targets were met
    Make LogicMonitor really work for you

Our Professional Services team work with you to:

  1. Fully specify your reports
  2. Create any new Connections to systems
  3. Develop the Report Template in Word and optionally, develop a Form
  4. Provide iterative drafts of reports for your feedback
  5. Hold regular meetings to discuss improvements and data accuracy
  6. Following your sign-off:
    • Upload the Report Template to Production
    • Create a Report Schedule
  7. Set up delivery methods to store, receive and retrieve the output reports
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