For MSPs

Delivering cost-effective infrastructure or cloud services must be efficient and automated. Panoramic Data can help MSPs, caught between rising tool, energy and cloud costs and constrained customer budgets, to ensure a solid ROI and deliver magic to their customers.

Customer Portals

Enhance customer satisfaction and bolster retention rates by providing transparency and insight in the form of a customer portal where they can see inventory, view performance data and alert statuses live, pay invoices, raise tickets, access newsletters and more.

Combining data from disparate systems, leveraging APIs, and using secure technology to demonstrate the value MSPs are delivering and to provide discussion opportunities.

Enhanced Observability

Build cost-effective observability solutions by combining best-of-breed platforms into a single pane of glass.

Help your customers minimize their licence exposure by accessing existing data but displaying it optimally in reports, dashboards and workflows. See software and hardware lifecycles, compare performance against previous months and be prepared for future needs.

Configuration Backup and Restore

Eliminate scenarios where services are impacted because important configurations have been accidentally overwritten.

By leveraging API interfaces, configuration data can be continuously monitored for change, and using a git repo – can be restored at any time, from any version.

One example where we’ve done this is for Cisco Meraki, which is notoriously difficult to navigate.

Analytics and Optimization

Striving for sustainability involves examining your power usage and carbon footprint to minimize environmental impact. We’re helping you see where you can cut energy wastage at times of low demand, and scale appropriately when usage peaks. Good for the planet and for operating costs.

Make Magic With Us

Successfully deliver against your requirements, budget and timescales by outsourcing your development team to us. Our custom software team:

  • Listen to your requirements
  • Develop and maintain custom software according to your specifications and requirements, using the latest agile methodologies
  • Create a system design with feature prioritisation
  • Track development, testing and deployment of features
  • Provide iterative prototypes against an agreed plan
  • Support your system in Production for an agreed duration (for example, your Magic Suite subscription period) which may include:
    • Daily on-site backups
    • Weekly off-site disaster recovery backups
    • Further system development

We are committed to .NET Standard and .NET Core and use the standards-based C# language wherever possible. We use Visual Studio and prefer code first Entity Framework for O/R mapping and a variety of technologies for persistent storage, including SQL Server.