As a LogicMonitor Partner

LogicMonitor Management

We provide on-demand expertise to assist with LogicMonitor deployment and configuration. From training your staff to a fully-managed service, you’ll more quickly realize value from your LogicMonitor investment. Our decade of experience optimizing LogicMonitor and writing LogicModules means you can be confident your portal is secure and future-resilient.


Specify the business logic you need and have your LogicMonitor alerts appropriately updated in your your Incident Management system including suppression, incident and problem creation and update, the addition of automated ticket comments and acknowledgements.

Customer and Executive Reporting

Customers need more visibility than your Admin dashboard. Our ReportMagic solution is trusted by MSPs worldwide to deliver insights – professionally, automated and readable in reports that demonstrate value.

LogicMonitor HealthCheck

Have you followed best practices with your LogicMonitor deployment? Are there misconfigurations or observability blind spots? Want a more successful and stress-free experience of LogicMonitor? Run a free HealthCheck to discover:

  • Comprehensive feedback on your portal’s configuration and use
  • Actionable insights on issues that need rectifying
  • A review of your portal settings, focused on security, reliability and compliance
  • Information about Device and Collector health as well as entity grouping standards
  • Assessment of how you’re using LogicMonitor functionality

Open Source Packages for LogicMonitor

Panoramic Data maintains a LogicMonitor API NuGet Package, based on Version 3 of the LogicMonitor REST API.  You can find it (and a useful dotnet template) at: