For Enterprise

Navigating today’s technology landscape is costly and time-consuming. As this landscape grows, managing the complexity becomes increasingly challenging. That’s precisely where Panoramic Data solutions can help. Designed for MSPs yet adaptable for Enterprise use, our solutions offer efficiencies of scale that already work for some of the very largest global organisations.

Insights and Reporting

Turning data into insights – repeatably. ReportMagic is a solution designed to pull data from APIs, and consolidate data from your many systems into one readable report. Generate monthly capacity reports, cloud cost assessments, security audits and more. For when your data is federated and your dashboards are inappropriate – ReportMagic can deliver.

Alert Consolidation

Modern observability is all-encompassing and your ITSM teams can drown in the many alerts generated by your tools. A common approach is to bulk-delete alerts directly from an Inbox. But that can result in missed incidents and uses valuable time. With the promise of AIOps to reduce this noise not yet realised, step forward AlertMagic. A rule-based alert consolidation tool that is cost-efficient and delivers substantial ROI, it makes alerts meaningful again with no added effort.

Meraki Management

Meraki is one of Cisco’s great growth engines – and for good reason. The simple, intuitive and comprehensive enablement of IOT and network device management is easy and cost-efficient. However, insights and estate management are harder. Meraki DataMagic uses the complex Meraki APIs to provide observability, insights and automation to support a range of management use-cases. For enterprise, this makes huge sense – and provides a cheaper way of management compared to other approaches. Contact us for more details.

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