Report Automation 

Report Automation for MSPs who spend too much time manually building reports, copying and pasting data from too many different toolsets.

When your brand is built on customer relationships, creating the right level of insight, combining data from multiple sources into one easy-to-digest report, can become a business-critical procss. 

Get it right with report automation, with ReportMagic from Panoramic Data.

ReportMagic Architecture showing LogicMonitor, ITSM tools as input, and a range of report formats as output

More Information in the ReportMagic Datasheet

An Elegant Report Automation Tool

ReportMagic, a cloud-based SaaS reporting system.  It gives you automatically-generated, pixel-perfect, branded reports using the data from your existing toolchain.  This means, for example in Microsoft Dynamics, SQL Server, LogicMonitor, Cisco SmartNET, SalesForce, AutoTask, ServiceNow and many more … including your own custom systems.  

This means an end to cutting and pasting from disparate systems, leaving your skilled people free for more mission-critical projects, delivering better value to your customers.

ReportMagic is a secure processing engine, saving its reports directly into your storage systems.  We hold no data ourselves, we simply fetch it from your systems at the time it’s needed.  

Take a moment to review our sample reports. Or read one of our customer succss stories for more info.

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